Saturday, May 1, 2010

the story: part one

The story of Linden's arrival into the world started Tuesday morning April 27th. Ashleigh had been feeling a little crampy off and on since Saturday but that morning it was more intense. After a quick visit to her doctor's office she was directed to Ridge Meadows Hospital for some monitoring to see if she was in labour. The monitors did show she was in early labour so they started her on iv fluids (sometimes dehydration can bring on premature labour) iv antibiotics (just in case a hidden infection was bringing on the labour) and gave her a steroid shot to help with the baby's premature lungs. Ashleigh was transported by ambulance to Royal Columbian Hospital were they could deliver a 27 week old baby if needed. Tuesday afternoon the contractions started to increase in intensity and frequency and it looked like the baby might be born at 27 weeks 2 days. A NICU nurse came into the room and talked a bit about what a 27 week old baby would look like, what equipment would be needed to help the baby and showed a photo book of a 27 week old baby born last year. Everything was happening way faster and sooner than expected. Around 6pm they started the iv fluids back up that had been stopped since her transport. The contractions started to slow down considerably. Around 10pm they decided Ashleigh could be transferred out of the labour and delivery unit and upstairs to the maternity floor. After midnight she was moved upstairs into a 4 bed room and found out Burton would have to go home that night....

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