Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some More Random Pics

The other baby in the picture above is Lindens newest friend. Justin and Ashleys little boy Bentley. Top left Linden is waiving to the camera. Lately he seems to enjoy getting his picture taken.

Random Pics of the most addorable baby ever

Sleeping on the couch with Linden seems to be a common thing.

First bath night at home

Lindens first pay date

Our little mans first play date, his friend Damian is two weeks younger but was born at full term. This beautiful little guy belongs to Dallas and Justina.

Family Day

Today i got to hang out with my aunt and uncle and my cousins Aiden and Amelia

Linden is Home :)

Linden in the House

Little Man Came Home on July 9th
His weight was 6lbs 10 oz

The big day, Finally leaving the hospital. So excited we've waited for what seem forever for this day. also here is some pics from his first night.

Little Man's Room

Sorry For the lack of updates. The transfer to Abbotsford went really well, and was a lot easier on us too. He was so much closer we where able to spend more time with him. So here are some pictures of his room, and his mural Grandpa Black painted for him.