Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Precious Linden

Here are some pics of our Lil'Monkey taken on Monday. After his cuddle with Daddy he was so awake and loving his bean bag blanket. The reason we have given Linden the nickname Lil'Monkey is because he was so active while in my womb and has continued this since his arrival. This blanket helps keep him restrained like being in my womb. We want him to use his calories for growing not moving up and down his isolette. As of today Linden is now 3pounds 3ounces. And his physio therapy has been cut down to 3 times a day from 4. Yeah Linden Keep it up:)


  1. Love to see him see him awake and giggling! I had to chuckle about his 'restraint'.

  2. He looks like he just farted on burt's chest and is laughing at him. He's lookin good ,can't wait for the kids to play together and baby camping
    good job guys he is a miracle

    Dallas & Justyna 