Friday, May 28, 2010

Low Flow ???

So when I called this morning I received some exciting news about our Lil'Monkey. After the doctors had done there rounds they decided it was time again for Linden to be taken off his Low Flow:0) As he has been getting barely anything for the past few days only like 2-4 cc's kinda like little wisps of O2. So as of 11:30am Linden was taken of the oxygen. Finger's crossed he won't have to go back although that can be quite common to go back and forth for awhile and this is his second attempt. Linden even managed to have a hour and a half cuddle with his mommy with no extra O2 :0) You will notice in the pics Linden has on a onesie this is because he was being a wild monkey last night and his night nurse decided she should try putting some clothes on to see if that would settle him. It worked like a charm so I am glad to know our son likes to wear clothes at least for the time being:0)

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  1. Well look at you Linden. One month old and looking like a little angel. So you have a bit of a determined nature do you? Hmmm. I wonder where you get that from? You just be as fiesty as you like. Grammy is loving it!