Tuesday, May 4, 2010

bonding time

Yesterday, Ashleigh and Burton headed into the hospital. When they arrived there were a couple cardiologists looking at Linden. Everything looks okay at this point with his heart! Sunday he spent some time under the 'bili lights' for jaundice but hasn't needed any further time under the lights. Linden (like all premature babies) likes to sleep on his tummy (more similar to being in the womb). He is allowed to sleep on his stomach but he also needs some time on his back. Yesterday when the nurse flipped him over to his back he got pretty mad with his little 'crocodile' cry and arms and feet waving. The nurse suggested to Ashleigh maybe a snuggle from Mom would help soothe him. They had their first skin to skin snuggle for about an hour and a half. Linden settled down immediately and slept snuggled up to his Mama. He maintained his body temperature outside the incubator all nestled up to his Mom! He is still wearing the CPAP for his breathing and getting his feeds through the feeding tube. Ash and Burton got a bunch of pictures yesterday and we will get them posted soon!
*Ashleigh hasn't started talking about herself in third person I (her sister Jen) is keeping the blog updated until she can take over


  1. Thanks for doing this Jen! He is such a little fighter.

  2. What a beautiful little guy. Jen, I am a friend of Ashleighs from high school, and we hung out with you and your girlfriends sometimes and felt super cool... Ashleigh and I were born a few days apart and our moms were actually in the hospital together...

    thanks for doing this. It's so great to get to see how the little guy is doing, and I'm keeping him in my thoughts. Please give my love to Ashleigh.