Sunday, May 2, 2010

the first few hours...

Ashleigh and Burton had been told that as soon as the baby was born a breathing tube would be placed to help the baby breathe even if he was breathing on his own. The first few minutes after his birth were taken up with his task. He pinked up right away and started to move his tiny little arms and legs. A few minutes later he peed for the first time. Those first minutes seemed like an eternity but then the words "your baby is doing good" were announced and the whole room started to breathe easier. Linden was moved over to the NICU right away to attach monitor and iv lines. One of the first things the doctor noticed is he really seemed to look and act more like a 29 week old baby than 27. He asked if the dates were accurate and they were but little Linden was already trying to pull on the breathing tube. The plan was to try and take the breathing tube out and place him on CPAP (it attaches over his nose and helps push air (and oxygen) into his lungs to help with his breathing. What an incredible baby! They also placed a feeding tube into his stomach through his mouth (to feed formula and breast milk) and an iv for fluids and supplements. Only a few hours old and already been through so much but really showing how strong a baby he really is.

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