Saturday, May 1, 2010

the story: part three

Thursday morning the contractions were stronger and five minutes apart. The decision was made to move Ashleigh back downstairs to the labour and delivery unit. At 2-3 cm the thought was maybe the baby would be born today. After a few hours and a visit from the doctor they were told this could go on for a week. Once again the contractions settled down and only increased with getting up to the bathroom (every 20 minutes). Around three in the afternoon the contractions picked up a little but were infrequent. At 5:30pm things really started to pick up. At 6:30 Ashleigh was wanting something for the pain, the doctor checked her just before 7pm and she was 9cm already. The baby was definitely coming tonight! Ashleigh did a terrific job through the labour and the most adorable baby was born at 8:03pm! As soon as he was born he was brought over the the warmer in the room where the neonatoligist(premature baby doctor), respiratory therapist and nurse were waiting to help him. It took a few minutes to find out if he was a boy or girl! It was boy! Linden Elliot 2pounds 13 ounces and 37cm. Precious and beautiful.

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