Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lil' Monkey Update

I do apologise for the lack of updating lately I think the lack of sleep is really catching up with me. Although from what I've seen with my friends and family who have small children I don't think I will be getting much more for a few years. Linden is continuing to do well. He has got a little eye infection but is getting some eye ointment and all ready it is looking so much better. He is now up to 3lbs and 12 ounces so he should be out of his isolette very soon:) With his feeding's he is up to 21 ml every 2 hours. Here are some pic's of me enjoying my cuddle time today as Burton has got to cuddle him the last two days. Linden is still being fed through a tube as he is to young to be able to feed from my nipple, hopefully in a few weeks he will be able to but he is learning where the milk comes from.

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