Monday, May 17, 2010

Father & Son Time

So Linden's cuddle time everyday is right around 3:30-4:00pm which makes Sunday's and Mondays Burton's cuddle days, as I get to cuddle him the rest of week. Linden was keeping his O2 levels very low (as in not needing as much oxygen from the low flow) while cuddling with his Dad he had them as low as 4cc's down from 30cc's when we first arrived. He was very happy and comfortable cuddling with his old man. Here are some shots from their cuddle yesterday. Linden is continuing to do very well he did lose a little weight last night but was retaining water.(his feet where quite puffy) They gave him a water pill and that took care of it. They have also lowered the amount of sodium they add to my breast milk with his feeds every two hours. As of last night he weighed 1400grams. We were also able to witness him getting a bath from his nurse as he isn't 1500 grams yet they keep him in his isolette while they bath him. Once he reaches 1500 grams we will be able to bath him in a little tub. Can't wait:0)


  1. Such beautiful boys. They look so comfy together!
    Looks like Linden has been introduced to a soother as well. That is also good news!

  2. Grandma & Grandpa are watching you from the Cariboo. So nice to be able to keep up with Linden's progress while at the lake.

    Love to all,

    G & G B.