Saturday, May 15, 2010

Over 3 Pounds

So yesterday after our 2 hour cuddle the nurse weighed him and he had gained 70 grams bringing to a total of 1385grams which is 3 pounds and .9 of an ounce so almost an ounce. Once our Lil' Monkey gets to 4 pounds he will be able to come out of the incubator(CAN"T WAIT!!!) So keep it up buddy we are all routing for you:0)


  1. That's awesome! Keep on growing Linden we all can't wait to meet you!

  2. Keep growing little guy. We have lots of things to do together.

    Grandpa B

  3. I love this picture. It looks like he is telling a story and using his hands to demonstrate his point. Like "so listen Mom, it goes like this....". Very cute.
    Grammy is so looking forward to giving lots of squishes.