Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Haircut

So we were forewarned that with a lot of preemies they end up having to put the IV in their head as the veins in their hands and feet only last so long. So today when I arrived at the hospital I found our son had gotten his first hair cut to allow the nurses to put his IV in his head(they used to only put them in their heads just in the last few years have they started to use their hands and feet) They were kind enough to keep his hair for us so we can put it in his baby book:) Our Lil' Monkey is doing so well they have taken him off two of his IVs and hopefully by tomorrow he will be off his last one. Linden is tolerating all of his feeds and by tomorrow should be up to full feeds. Keep it up Linden!!!


  1. You may notice Linden is giving the AOK sign so Mommy and Daddy don't freak about his haircut:)

  2. that's a pretty rough first haircut but his cuteness makes up for it! Incredible news about his ivs and feeds.

  3. He's got the same hair style as his Dad now, better get the boy a ballcap too!