Sunday, May 30, 2010

One Month

So yesterday marked one month since Linden was born:0) I arrived at the hospital to see him in a different onesie provided by the NICU. He was quietly sleeping, we had our usual 4pm cuddle and feed. I only cuddled with him for an hour as I didn't want to overdue it with him being off his oxygen and all. We want him to continue on this path of doing so well so we can bring him home sooner rather than later. Way to go Lil'Monkey, can't believe you are already a month old!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Low Flow ???

So when I called this morning I received some exciting news about our Lil'Monkey. After the doctors had done there rounds they decided it was time again for Linden to be taken off his Low Flow:0) As he has been getting barely anything for the past few days only like 2-4 cc's kinda like little wisps of O2. So as of 11:30am Linden was taken of the oxygen. Finger's crossed he won't have to go back although that can be quite common to go back and forth for awhile and this is his second attempt. Linden even managed to have a hour and a half cuddle with his mommy with no extra O2 :0) You will notice in the pics Linden has on a onesie this is because he was being a wild monkey last night and his night nurse decided she should try putting some clothes on to see if that would settle him. It worked like a charm so I am glad to know our son likes to wear clothes at least for the time being:0)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rubba Dub Dub

Our Lil'Monkey is in the tub:o) Since Linden surpassed 1500 grams he is now big enough to be bathed outside his isolette. I was able to take some pics of this momentous occasion yesterday afternoon and wanted to share. He really seems to enjoy the bath as I think on some level it reminds him of being in my womb:0) Once he reaches 1700 grams they will change his feeding schedule to every 3 hours instead of every 2 hours as well as increasing his feeds. When he was first born he was getting 2ml every hour and currently is getting 21ml every 2 hour to give you some grasp of how far he has come. Once he gets to 1800 grams he will get to go into a cot. Which is what full term babies sleep in while in the hospital:0) As of last night he is at 1660 grams. So exciting not long now!!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Monkey Friends

We bought Linden his first rattle last week, I saw a monkey one and just had to get it for him:o) Here are some pic's with Linden and his new buddy. As well his Grammy Stec knitted him his first blanket we have it helping cover his isolette. There is also a monkey face in the d:0)

Lil' Monkey Update

I do apologise for the lack of updating lately I think the lack of sleep is really catching up with me. Although from what I've seen with my friends and family who have small children I don't think I will be getting much more for a few years. Linden is continuing to do well. He has got a little eye infection but is getting some eye ointment and all ready it is looking so much better. He is now up to 3lbs and 12 ounces so he should be out of his isolette very soon:) With his feeding's he is up to 21 ml every 2 hours. Here are some pic's of me enjoying my cuddle time today as Burton has got to cuddle him the last two days. Linden is still being fed through a tube as he is to young to be able to feed from my nipple, hopefully in a few weeks he will be able to but he is learning where the milk comes from.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Linden's Heart

So yesterday I found out that Linden has a heart murmer due to the small hole in his heart. Apparently all babies while in utero have this then once they are born full term and take their first breath a flap goes over it closing it and as the baby gets bigger and stronger so does their heart. However with preemies this doesn't always happen(very common to not)as they are not as developed. So one of Linden's doctor's requested that the cardiologist come in and check him in the next day or two. When I arrived at the hospital today she was there just finishing up his exam. She told me that yes Linden does still have a small hole in his heart but it isn't big enough that she wants to start him on any medication for it but with time hopefully it will resolve itself on its own. And she will check in on him in a week or so to make sure everything is going as she thinks it will. So please keep Linden in your prayers as he keeps amazing us with his progress:)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Precious Linden

Here are some pics of our Lil'Monkey taken on Monday. After his cuddle with Daddy he was so awake and loving his bean bag blanket. The reason we have given Linden the nickname Lil'Monkey is because he was so active while in my womb and has continued this since his arrival. This blanket helps keep him restrained like being in my womb. We want him to use his calories for growing not moving up and down his isolette. As of today Linden is now 3pounds 3ounces. And his physio therapy has been cut down to 3 times a day from 4. Yeah Linden Keep it up:)

Monday, May 17, 2010

Father & Son Time

So Linden's cuddle time everyday is right around 3:30-4:00pm which makes Sunday's and Mondays Burton's cuddle days, as I get to cuddle him the rest of week. Linden was keeping his O2 levels very low (as in not needing as much oxygen from the low flow) while cuddling with his Dad he had them as low as 4cc's down from 30cc's when we first arrived. He was very happy and comfortable cuddling with his old man. Here are some shots from their cuddle yesterday. Linden is continuing to do very well he did lose a little weight last night but was retaining water.(his feet where quite puffy) They gave him a water pill and that took care of it. They have also lowered the amount of sodium they add to my breast milk with his feeds every two hours. As of last night he weighed 1400grams. We were also able to witness him getting a bath from his nurse as he isn't 1500 grams yet they keep him in his isolette while they bath him. Once he reaches 1500 grams we will be able to bath him in a little tub. Can't wait:0)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Over 3 Pounds

So yesterday after our 2 hour cuddle the nurse weighed him and he had gained 70 grams bringing to a total of 1385grams which is 3 pounds and .9 of an ounce so almost an ounce. Once our Lil' Monkey gets to 4 pounds he will be able to come out of the incubator(CAN"T WAIT!!!) So keep it up buddy we are all routing for you:0)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

IV Free

So yesterday afternoon our Lil' Monkey had his IV taken out:) A very good day as the night before he was weighed and had gained 70 grams taking him to 1300 grams 25 grams above his birth weight. Last night he had gained 5 grams which is also good because it evens out his weight gain from the previous day. We do want our little one to keep gaining and growing but 70 grams is a lot in one day. As Linden continues to do so well the nurses have been allowing me to cuddle him for longer in the past two days I have got to hold him for close to 5 hours:) His Daddy has been busy painting his nursery(can't wait till it is all done) even though Linden won't be able to come home for sometime it is nice to see his room coming along:)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

First Haircut

So we were forewarned that with a lot of preemies they end up having to put the IV in their head as the veins in their hands and feet only last so long. So today when I arrived at the hospital I found our son had gotten his first hair cut to allow the nurses to put his IV in his head(they used to only put them in their heads just in the last few years have they started to use their hands and feet) They were kind enough to keep his hair for us so we can put it in his baby book:) Our Lil' Monkey is doing so well they have taken him off two of his IVs and hopefully by tomorrow he will be off his last one. Linden is tolerating all of his feeds and by tomorrow should be up to full feeds. Keep it up Linden!!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Daddy's First Cuddle

So today Daddy got to have his first cuddle with his son:) As he hasn't been feeling 100% he didn't want to take any chances getting Linden sick. Linden is still doing great although his breathting has been a bit shallower in the last 24hrs and so may need to go back on the CPAP in the near future. This is quite normal for preemies and the nurses and doctors are very happy with how Linden is doing:) His feedings are increasing and he is continuing to put on weight in the last 4 days. Keep it up our Lil'Monkey :0)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

happy first mother's day

Linden was happy to be snuggled up to his mommy for his 'bonus' Mother's Day. We thought next year would be Ashleigh's first!

Saturday, May 8, 2010


So our Little linden has grown. When he was first born he measured 37 cm long he has now grown to 38.4cm in just a week. Keep growing Linden!!! Your Parents love you so much and can't wait to be able to take you home!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Under the spot light

Here is Linden under the bili lights catching some rays.

mother and son

Check out this adorable mother and son.

hot and cold

Linden was maintaining his body temperature so well they turned the heat down in his incubator. This led to him getting a little too cold. Ashleigh was only able to hold him for about 5 minutes yesterday because his body temperature was too low. While she was holding him he had his blue eyes open looking at her and trying to look all around. He is still wearing the oxygen in his nose. They have been trying to take him off the oxygen and he will last a little while and then need to be put back on. There will be new pictures very soon! I am going to show Ashleigh how to update the blog today.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

lil gainer!

Linden has gained 20 grams each day for the past two days! He's still only using the nasal prongs for oxygen and has been spending some more time under the bili lights for jaundice. Grow- Linden- grow!

splish splash...

Linden had his first sponge bath. Unfortunately it was right before Ashleigh arrived at the hospital yesterday. Next time there will definitely will be some pictures. Linden had a little trouble regulating his body temperature after the bath so they weren't able to hold him yesterday. But his parents were able to admire his beautiful face a little better. They removed the CPAP again and he's only wearing nasal prongs in his nose for oxygen! Is there anything cuter than a baby with his bum in the air?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

bonding time

Yesterday, Ashleigh and Burton headed into the hospital. When they arrived there were a couple cardiologists looking at Linden. Everything looks okay at this point with his heart! Sunday he spent some time under the 'bili lights' for jaundice but hasn't needed any further time under the lights. Linden (like all premature babies) likes to sleep on his tummy (more similar to being in the womb). He is allowed to sleep on his stomach but he also needs some time on his back. Yesterday when the nurse flipped him over to his back he got pretty mad with his little 'crocodile' cry and arms and feet waving. The nurse suggested to Ashleigh maybe a snuggle from Mom would help soothe him. They had their first skin to skin snuggle for about an hour and a half. Linden settled down immediately and slept snuggled up to his Mama. He maintained his body temperature outside the incubator all nestled up to his Mom! He is still wearing the CPAP for his breathing and getting his feeds through the feeding tube. Ash and Burton got a bunch of pictures yesterday and we will get them posted soon!
*Ashleigh hasn't started talking about herself in third person I (her sister Jen) is keeping the blog updated until she can take over

Monday, May 3, 2010

linden's first few days

Linden has been busy sleeping and hopefully growing the past few days. Every evening they weigh him around 8pm. On Friday evening Ashleigh got to hold him for the first time. I'm sure that hour was unforgettable. Saturday he continued sleeping and eating through his tube feed and iv. In the afternoon while having a visit from Uncle Dale he had his first poop. This is great news that everything is working in his digestive tact. He needed a new iv in his hand because he had pulled out the previous one. I think this little guy is going to keep his parents busy real soon. Linden was doing so well with his breathing that they planned to take him off the CPAP that helps with his breathing. He tolerated breathing without any help overnight Saturday but in the morning the decision to put him back on his CPAP. He was working a little too hard with his breathing and they want him using all his energy to grow. Sunday, Ashleigh was discharged from the hospital but will be going to the hospital everyday to spend time wit their beautiful baby.