Friday, May 21, 2010

Linden's Heart

So yesterday I found out that Linden has a heart murmer due to the small hole in his heart. Apparently all babies while in utero have this then once they are born full term and take their first breath a flap goes over it closing it and as the baby gets bigger and stronger so does their heart. However with preemies this doesn't always happen(very common to not)as they are not as developed. So one of Linden's doctor's requested that the cardiologist come in and check him in the next day or two. When I arrived at the hospital today she was there just finishing up his exam. She told me that yes Linden does still have a small hole in his heart but it isn't big enough that she wants to start him on any medication for it but with time hopefully it will resolve itself on its own. And she will check in on him in a week or so to make sure everything is going as she thinks it will. So please keep Linden in your prayers as he keeps amazing us with his progress:)

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  1. awww! he sooo sweet! as i'm sure i told you my little sisters were also preemies they were only 3 pound swhen they were born, Shelby has a murmer, she has grown up to be strong and healthy just turned 18 and is graduating next month, we are keeping our thoughts with him for the best outcome!