Thursday, May 13, 2010

IV Free

So yesterday afternoon our Lil' Monkey had his IV taken out:) A very good day as the night before he was weighed and had gained 70 grams taking him to 1300 grams 25 grams above his birth weight. Last night he had gained 5 grams which is also good because it evens out his weight gain from the previous day. We do want our little one to keep gaining and growing but 70 grams is a lot in one day. As Linden continues to do so well the nurses have been allowing me to cuddle him for longer in the past two days I have got to hold him for close to 5 hours:) His Daddy has been busy painting his nursery(can't wait till it is all done) even though Linden won't be able to come home for sometime it is nice to see his room coming along:)


  1. Such great news about the iv and getting to hold him for longer periods of time. Before we know it he'll hit the 4 pound mark and be out of the incubator!

  2. Yea, no more IV's. He sure looks comfy.

  3. A most precious baby for sure