Monday, May 3, 2010

linden's first few days

Linden has been busy sleeping and hopefully growing the past few days. Every evening they weigh him around 8pm. On Friday evening Ashleigh got to hold him for the first time. I'm sure that hour was unforgettable. Saturday he continued sleeping and eating through his tube feed and iv. In the afternoon while having a visit from Uncle Dale he had his first poop. This is great news that everything is working in his digestive tact. He needed a new iv in his hand because he had pulled out the previous one. I think this little guy is going to keep his parents busy real soon. Linden was doing so well with his breathing that they planned to take him off the CPAP that helps with his breathing. He tolerated breathing without any help overnight Saturday but in the morning the decision to put him back on his CPAP. He was working a little too hard with his breathing and they want him using all his energy to grow. Sunday, Ashleigh was discharged from the hospital but will be going to the hospital everyday to spend time wit their beautiful baby.

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  1. Linden, you are more awesome with every passing day.
    Love Grammy