Sunday, June 13, 2010

First Week Of June

Sorry I have been neglecting Linden's blog lately a lot has been going on. So to go back to the begining of this month. On June 1st Linden came out of his Isolette!!! It was a very exciting day for us and proving how he is continuing to do so well. Going into a cot also brings new rewards for his family and himself. At RCH this means that the grandparents are allowed to hold now as well. Only his Dad and I are allowed to feed him but afterwards he can have a cuddle with them:) So on thursday Linden's Grandma came for a visit and was able to hold him, the following day his Grammy was able to come do the same:) Here are some pics of those first few days......


  1. Definately a very exciting moment for me to be able to finally hold my precious new grandson!!

  2. Grammy has a new name for our little bundle; Sir Fartsalot! So much like his daddy. Can't wait for our next cuddle date.