Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Big Move

So the staff at RCH had been talking to me about the possability of Linden being transferred to the Abbotsford NICU as it would be closer for me and with Linden doing so well he really didn't need to be in a Level 3 NCU he could be in a Level 2 NICU which is what Abbotsford is. So Burton and I had been talking and thought we may like to check it out. RCH would keep us there as long as they could however that all changed on Monday June 7th as there were so many preemies in the province who are sick and needing a Level 3 NICU the choice was taken out of our hands Linden was going to transferred that day. As well he was going to have his first eye examination to make sure everything was developing properly. His eye exam went well he has no signs of Retina Apathy, his eyes are still immature, both that is expected given his age and should correct as he gets older. The transfer was a bit stressful for myself. He was transferred in a Isolette and the ambulance he got transferred plug outlets were not working so the Isolette and monitors were going off batteries. Halfway there they went out so we had to put on the lights and sirens and start really moving. Our poor lil'monkey looked like a curnel of popcorn being popped I was worried he would get shaken baby syndrome but the NICU nurse who was accompanying us assured me he was fine. He made it safe and sound:) Here are some pics of the adventure....


  1. Ashleigh, I have to say my heart goes out to you having to deal with all of this stuff!!! Keep strong! He is adorable and obviously in good hands. Take care, Lorie

  2. Hi Ashliegh, I finally got your number then lost it, I was gonna offer for you to stay at our house if you needed rest since I am only 10-15 mins away from RCH, but now that you are in ARH, you are in the best of hands, Dom was a NICU baby. :) I keep you in our prayers and hope to visit you one day when I have my stress tests at ARH. He is a strong boy--they are very resilient! Keep smiling, everyday gets better and he knows Mommy is around! Love to you, take care! La Rainne